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452.5 MHz, 467.5 MHz Ceramic Duplexer


452.5 MHz, 467.5 MHz Ceramic Duplexer

Product Specifications

Band 1450-455 Mhz
Band 2465-470 MHz
Band 1 Insertion Loss2.8 dB
Passband Ripple1.5 dB
Band 2 Insertion Loss2.8 dB
Impedance50 ohms
Rejection>65 dB, 450-455 MHz
Rejection 2>40 dB, 465-470 MHz
Power Handling5 W
Return Loss in Band 1>15 dB
Dimensions69 x 35 x 10 mm
Return Loss in Band 2>15 dB
Operating Temperature-40 to +85 deg. C

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