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Bandpass Wireless Band Combiners, Separators, Wireless Multiband Combiners, and Band Separators

Multiband combiners and separators and bandpass combiners from Anatech Electronics are invaluable components that not only reduce costs but reduce system complexity as well. They allow the transmit and receive signals from several wireless bands to be multiplexed into a single antenna, eliminating a variety of components and helping to reduce cables, connectors, and other components in crowded single-carrier or co-located sites. Bands can be either within a single wireless frequency allocation, such as 700 MHz, or different bands, for example GSM and PCS, including both uplink and downlink frequencies for each network. Their core components are Anatech's superb cavity filters so they retain the superb performance and range of applications of this filter type, including extremely high rejection and isolation and very high RF power handling. We can quickly build custom designs to handle any wireless band from VHF through microwave frequencies, as well as weatherproofing for outdoor installations and other special requirements.

Model Band 1 Band 2 Insertion loss Isolation Return loss Dimensions Price (s)
1 2-5 6-10
AD2067-2475C106 2025.5-2109.5 MHz 2450-2500 MHz >1.0 dB 14 dB      
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AD817-862C107 811-824 MHz 856-869 MHz <3 dB 214.5 x 205 x 48 mm      
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AD772-802C123 769-775 MHz 799-805 MHz >2.0 dB 14 dB 10.72 x 9.54 x 3.78 in.      
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