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Library of standard products.

Our standard products library has a large number of RF filters and products to choose from.  Many can be semi-customized to better fit your requirements.

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Check our custom design division AEI

  • Standard low pass & High pass filters.

    Low pass filters, Harmonic suppression, High pass filters, interference remover. All in one place.Check them out.

  • 2013 short form

    A comprehensive summary of our RF filters and product lines.Download now!

  • Bandstops Notch filters.  Many Standards.

    Look at our bandstops and Notch filter library. We also custom design. go to library

  • Duplexers & Diplexers. Std. & Custom

    High performance Duplexers and Diplexers. Look at our standard library.Standard library

806-894 MHz 902-960 MHz Cavity Duplexer

915 MHz Cavity Bandpass Filter for ISM

Notch Filter for 800 MHz GSM

SMR 800- iDEN- PCS Multiband Diplexer Assembly

High-Power 30-dB Broadband Coupler

806-894 MHz 902-960 MHz Cavity Duplexer for AMPS/PCS Wireless
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902 to 928 MHz passband, < 1 dB IL, >40 dB rejection.
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803 MHz center frequency, >70 dB rejection, <3 dB IL.
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SMR 800- iDEN- PCS Multiband Diplexer Assembly
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Only 0.2 dB IL, >25 dB directivity, 500 W average/ 5 kW peak.
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