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Issue: February 2010

Ask Anatech Electronics!

We would be happy to answer your technical questions- no personal information necessary. Just click here and insert your question in the box. We will answer it in the next issue.

You Might Want to Know...

In addition to recurring technical questions, the answers to the following questions about Anatech might be helpful to you as well.

Define standard, semi-custom, and custom products

Anatech Electronics' standard products are available either from stock or in a few days after you place your order and cover popular combinations of specifications required in popular applications. Semi-custom products are variations on our standard products, many of whose specifications can be modified quickly. Custom products are those designed to meet a unique set of customer-supplied requirements.

Does Anatech Electronics provide services tailored to military customers?

Yes. We offer products and services tailored to the needs of government agencies, the Department of Defense, and their prime and subcontractors. Anatech Electronics follows MIL-STD-45208A and MIL-F-18327, and is an approved GSA vendor.

Can you modify an existing product to fit my exact requirements?

In many cases, yes. However, it depends on the type of product and the modifications you wish to make.

Is Anatech Electronics ISO-compliant?

Anatech Electronics is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

What is the frequency range of your filter products?

Our products are available in the range of 100 kHz to 20 GHz.

Are your products ROHS compliant?

All Anatech Electronics products are ROHS compliant.

Do you manufacture weatherproof filters for outdoor use?

We manufacture weatherproof filters and other products designed for use outdoor applications such as on antenna poles, base stations, access points, and other installations that are exposed to the elements.

Trivia Questions 

1. What was a gladiator armed with, in addition to a dagger and spear? 

2. What Texan ended up with one delegate after spending $12 million of his own money running for president in 1980?

3. What congressional award was Dr. Mary Edwards Walker the first woman to receive?


Greetings {FIRST_NAME},

A Message from Sam Benzacar



Cold Hard Filter Facts To Keep You Out of Hot Water

After designing filters for hundreds of customers over 20 years, there are some issues that pop up time after time. Here are a few that can help keep you out of trouble:

Don't make filters an afterthought: Include them up front in the design. The result will be reduced design time (and possible eliminate a redesign) and probably better performance.

Choose a filter with a sharp cut-off and high isolation: Today's spectral environment places signals extremely close to each other. You'll typically need rejection of more than 40 dB outside the filter's passband.

Test your product under realistic conditions: Just because products breeze through EMC testing in the lab doesn't mean they won't cause interference on a corner in midtown Manhattan. Subject them to "real-world" signals and perform thorough EMC testing. It's a lot less expensive than recalling them from the field.

Keep packaging issues in mind: Remember that high-power filters are larger, surface-mount filters are the least expensive, and while connectorized filters cost more they are less costly to mount than through-hole types.

Questions? Please call me or send me an e-mail.


Featured Products

2144 MHz LC Bandpass Filter 

The AL2144B600 is an LC bandpass filter with a center frequency of 2144 MHz, a 3 dB passband of 2037 to 2263Copy of P5100043_.jpg MHz, and rejection between 2472 and 4000 MHz of more than 30 dB. Return loss in the passband is more than 15 dB and insertion loss is less than 2 dB. The AL2144B600 measures 2 x 0.38 x 0.38 in. and uses SMA female connectors. 

This product is available for purchase on our Web store,

6 GHz LC Highpass Filter

The AL6000H413 is an LC highpass filter with a cutoff frequency of 6 GHz, passband of 6 to 18 GHz, insertion loss less than 1 dB, return loss in the passband greater than 10 dB, rejection from DC to 6 GHz greater than 50 dB, and passband ripple of less than 0.1 dB. The AL6000H413 measures 0.75 x 0.625 x 0.5 in. and uses SMA female connectors.

This product is available for purchase on our Web store,

666 MHz Bandstop Filter 

The AL666N353 is a bandstop filter with a notch center frequency of 666 MHz, low-side passband of DC to 616 MHz, high-side passband of 716 to 2000 MHz, and rejection greater than 74 dB. Passband insertion loss is less than 1 dB, and return loss is greater than 14 dB. The filter measures 4 x 1.25 x 0.75 in. and uses SMA female connectors. 

This product is available for purchase on our Web store,


If you have any questions regarding our products, or comments on our newsletter, please email us at:


Wireless News 

Backhaul to the Front


Backhaul, the transmission path between cell sites and the network backbone and handled mostly by T1 landline connections, has rarely been in the media spotlight. This is in spite of the fact that about 30% of carrier costs are related to backhaul. However, the coming fourth generation of wireless communications (LTE and WiMAX) is bringing backhaul to the forefront. The massive increases in throughput and the transition to data-centric traffic required by these broadband technologies will make T1s prohibitively expensive and technologically inadequate. 

There are only two technologies with the potential to replace them: fiber and microwave/millimeter-wave point-to-point radios either singly or together. Ideally, fiber would be the overwhelming choice, since it offers massive amounts of bandwidth, but only 20% of base stations are within the reach of fiber and new "plant" is very expensive. Microwave/millimeter-wave radios, while offering less bandwidth, nevertheless deliver up to 500 Mb/s per channel and can be paired to provide more. So when fiber connections are not available the likely choice will be a combination of both technologies, with microwave and millimeter-wave radios spanning the distance between the base station and the nearest fiber connection. Bottom line: Backhaul is a market to watch and is projected to grow tenfold by 2016.

What's New at Anatech Electronics

Meet Kevin Strack  


We'd like you to meet Kevin Strack, Anatech's new technical sales manager for the Southeast US. Kevin has more than three decades of experience in marketing and sales of RF and microwave products for telecommunications, electronic warfare, radar, satellite and many other applications. In his new position at Anatech, he is responsible for developing new business opportunities and maintaining relationships with Anatech's clients in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Kevin comes to Anatech from Meggitt Safety Systems, Inc., where he held a similar position. He was previously responsible for sales of silicon dioxide coaxial and multiconductor cable assemblies to the microwave, nuclear, and oil and gas industries. Kevin lives in Florida and is an avid sports fan, loves to cook, and enjoys travel, having been to over 35 countries and every state in the US. You can reach Kevin at (407) 234-6359 or by e-mail at


AEI Did you know.jpgAnswers to last month's trivia questions  

1. What famous document begins: "When in the course of human events..."? The Declaration of Independence 

2. What election year saw bumper stickers reading "Wallace, Wallace, Uber Alles"? 1968

3. What was an official language in 87 nations and territories by 1994? English


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